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My agent and the real life Molly and Issa are all real-life friends. I had an idea about the kind of style I wanted, but I don’t think my bank account really allowed me to go full throttle into where I wanted to be. Now my costar Jay Ellis [who plays Issa’s boyfriend, Lawrence] is teasing me and saying, “You know you can’t go out in sweats anymore now? I need a point of contact for references, in case I start to wonder if they’re a psycho. I texted Issa yesterday because I did a comedy show and it was a 98 percent caucasian audience.

I met her earlier this year, while we were filming. She needs to go back and get all those clothes.” I had a style before; I wasn’t in sweats and hoodies, but it was also very tailored. But I just feel like someone will see me and try to hook me up with their friend. We’ve had to do the reverse for so long, so I think the reverse can also happen.For details about all CTA service, call 836-7000 (all local area codes) or visit , Yvonne Orji plays the alpha version of this enviable woman in Molly, the beautiful, successful BFF of Issa, who is played by series creator Issa Rae. But sometimes it feels good when the homeless guy in the corner tells you that you look amazing.Laura, the Maggie’s representative who is sitting nearby, says: “If you write that George is single and he’s doing the Culture Crawl, we’ll sell out.” OK, Laura: consider it done.The principles behind the Maggie’s Centres — creative use of space and the ability of a good building to lift the spirit — tie in with the ideas he promotes through all his work.

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