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"I feel pummeled," Urban says when he finally makes it to the arena, a brace forcing him to stand ramrod-straight.It could have been worse, of course, and certainly much worse has happened to Urban, including past problems with drugs and alcohol that nearly wrecked his marriage to actress Nicole Kidman, in 2006, when it was just four months old.We can’t all have an original Rothko or Picasso on wall, but there are some fabulous reproductions available.

But despite being married for over a decade, this adorable, seemingly normal duo has inevitably faced their fair share of headline-making scandals over the years.A car fanatic, after leaving the service, he spent two years working for the Ford Motor company. His official station biography mentions his interest in cars and says that, at the time he was on 390, he owned two Ford Anglias, a 1935 Morris and a 1934 MG Midget.He was also chairman of the Three Beacons Motor Club."I'm like, 'You didn't love me at first sight, you didn't notice me,' and he's like, 'Yes I did but I just didn't let on,” she recalled. I kind of like getting married and then getting to know each other. "My husband and I never text each other," she said. In 2015, Urban confessed during a Country Radio Seminar Q&A session (via ) that his relationship with Kidman is a great balancing act."But we kind of met and then about four months later he called me." ) that she knew she wanted to marry Urban after dating him for only one month. I know that it sounds incredibly strange, but to me, it's a more natural process." In fact, they got married so quickly, Kidman admitted in 2015 that they only really got to know each other after they said "I do." "We got married very quickly and we got to know each other when we were married," she said (via ). "Someone said one time, 'If your marriage isn't your priority, you're not married,' and I thought, for me that's so true," he said.

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  1. The Long: New Yorkers Dan and Emma were both anti-marriage when they first met, but after dating four and a half years — and getting a legal domestic partnership — they decided it was a good way to go.

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