Charged with intimidating a victim

Card was arraigned in Town of Union court and sent to the Broome County jail.

A Wisconsin public school principal was arrested for intimidating an alleged sexual assault victim, allegedly threatening the woman in an attempt to stop her from testifying against her boyfriend, the suspect in that case, authorities said.

The Sheriff’s Office stated that further information on the intimidation case was not available because the victim was a juvenile.

The arrest report stated that Medrano allegedly harassed the party by phone or computer, and threatened bodily injury or damage of property.

Medrano was arrested on March 20 after allegedly leading Sheriff’s Deputies in a vehicle chase through a northern neighborhood in Glenwood Springs.

According to the arrest affidavit, a deputy attempted to stop a white Jeep Cherokee driving west on Sixth Street near Laurel Street for a defective license plate light.

The report stated that the truck blocked the deputies’ path and the deputy lost sight of the Jeep.

According to Justin Fenton with The Baltimore Sun, Vasiliades was arrested Tuesday afternoon in the hallway of the Courtroom East Building, just as the trial of his client, Mario Aguilar-Delosantos, was about to start.

He and another man charged in his client’s case, Edgar Ivan Rodriguez, were released after the arraignment under pre-trial supervision.

Carthen’s alleged attempts to stop the woman from testifying in court were meant to benefit 39-year-old Jason Cunningham, Carthen’s boyfriend and the suspect in the sexual assault case, the report said.

"Highly energetic and enthusiastic educator with a commitment to student development and learning," Carthen wrote on her Linked In page.

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