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Had it not been for the surrounding communities like Leupp and Flagstaff, Johnson probably would have never been here to interact with the Navajo people and learn the language.

Therefore, the Navajo code talkers would not have existed and would not be there to help US win the war.

During World War II, an abandoned Bureau of Indian Affairs boarding school in Leupp was used as the Leupp Isolation Center, for Japanese American internees considered to be "troublemakers" by camp authorities.

The first inmates were transferred from Manzanar by way of Leupp's predecessor, the Moab Isolation Center.

Traces the roles of George Washington and participant Native Americans and tells the stories of individual settlers, land speculators, and politicians. Charles Eastman: physician, reformer, and Native American leader.

Describes the festivities at Crow Fair, the biggest Native American powwow in North America, for grades 3-6. Crucible of war: the Seven Years' War and the fate of empire in British North America, 1754-1766.

II Mystery Relics A puzzling archaeological find near Tucson in 1924 left some hot under the collar - and still raises more questions than it answers.

page 55 WIT STOP Think back to the good old days when smoke signals kept communications more civilized.

KEY: BR, BRA, BRW = Braille; FD = Flexible disc; K = Kit; RC, RCW = Cassette; RD = Rigid disc Aaseng, Nathan. How a select corps of Navajo marines confounded the Japanese during World War II. Inspired by General Colin Powell, ex-basketball star Abdul-Jabbar volunteers to assist in coaching a high school team on the White Mountain Apache Reservation in Arizona. Later separated from the group, Running Crane courageously tames a legendary stallion and rescues wounded Wolf Eagle. A professor of religious studies discusses how nature has played a part in various beliefs systems and ritual forms, and how it has been a guide for everyday life in America. A simple description of how corn was discovered and used by Native Americans. Stories of various Native American tribes, focusing on women and the shamanistic tradition. Grandmothers of the light: a medicine woman's sourcebook. Poems of nature and the poet's Native American heritage. Verde River Days For just one Saturday, a community kicks up its heels at Dead Horse Ranch State Park - and everyone's invited.II A Home Never Known 111• Several Arizona cousins scout the Santa Cruz Valley grasslands where their great-great-grandparents homesteaded.

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Continued Navajo raids in the area led Brigadier General James H. The fort was reestablished as Fort Canby in 1863 as a base for Carson's operations against the Navaho.

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